When considering the topic of fire-resistant clothing in the workplace, your mind may automatically wander to those who run into burning buildings or fight blazes of fire. Yet, firefighters aren’t the sole workers who face potentially hazardous situations on an average workday.

OSHA states clear standards regarding the diverse occupational situations that require the wear of flame-resistant garments, including live electric circuits, molten metal, flash fires, combustible explosions, and more. Here is a list of five industries that require fire-resistant clothing to ensure heightened worker safety and protection.

The Oil and Gas Industry

Flash fires, explosions, and toxic chemical exposure are prevalent dangers in the presence of oil and gas. Even the smallest mishap or sudden spark could result in a dangerous fire or electric arc. For this reason, workers in the oil and gas industry must protect themselves with FR clothing during shifts to do their jobs to the best of their abilities.

Electric Utility or Electricians

When on the job, those working on electric utility lines or circuits face a consistent threat to safety due to their work equipment and environmental conditions. Potential hazards include interaction with high voltages alongside assorted welding and cutting risks. A sudden electrical arc flash has the power to cause electrocution and high-temperature burns. As follows, utility line workers and traditional electricians need FR clothing to serve as the best possible protective barrier.

Chemical and Pharmaceutical Plants

Jobs at chemical-based plants are undoubtedly part of the modern industries that require fire-resistant clothing. Due to the materials they work with and the wide array of chemicals surrounding them daily, these workers face a special breed of danger. Risks include chemical spills, splashes, or possible flash fires or explosions resulting from chemical chain reactions, flammable gases, or pressurized liquids.

Pulp and Paper Processing

Workers in the pulp and paper industry need proper protection from a wide range of risky scenarios because every step in the paper-making process exposes workers to dangerous equipment and material use. This high-risk job at an industrial warehouse involves highly-flammable wood and paper that could cause flash fires or explosions. Workers can significantly reduce their risk of severe harm or danger by wearing FR clothing.

Metal Smelting and Welding

Working with metals daily—in a welding shop or foundry—can be an unpredictable job. No other industry has the same potential level of danger due to frequent high-temperature use, the presence of molten metal, and an array of fire-causing scenarios. Employees in metal-based industries must follow safety procedures and wear the right FR protective gear when smelting, cutting, casting, or welding.

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