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The Best Fire-Resistant Fabrics To Look For

Posted by Brittany Williams on
The Best Fire-Resistant Fabrics To Look For

Today’s manufacturers use the term fire-resistant as a description for items that have the inherent ability to resist burning. No fabric on Earth is 100 percent fireproof, yet certain materials and textiles reign supreme over others in the context of heat and flame resistance.

If you're shopping for FR garments in the modern market, you should know about the best fire-resistant fabrics to look out for. Let's take a closer look at some of the most effective and protective clothing materials that meet the safety needs of your work environment.

What Makes Fabric Fire-Resistant?

Wearing FR clothing on the job is essential for workers in a wide range of present-day professions. But what exactly are those garments made from? All fabrics have their own degree of heat and flame resistance based on their composition.

Generally, many fabrics will instantly ignite, burn, or melt on a wearer’s body when exposed directly to fire or explosive events. The best fire-resistant fabrics are a cut above the rest due to the increased duration of time the material takes to burn, either from natural immunity, innate properties, fiber weaves, designs, or treatments.

Synthetic Textiles

Some consider certain synthetic fibers as fire-resistant, even if they are prone to combustion or melting. Why? Synthetics can resist immediate ignition at higher temperatures better than natural fibers with their low thermal conductivity. Manufacturers can also treat the fabric with specialty chemicals or chemically modify the fiber’s structure to increase resistance to high temps and flames. For example, FR-polyester or Nylon are durable, breathable, and low-absorbent materials with abrasion resistance—but they are not ideal for all workplace requirements.

Natural Materials

FR fabrics provide different thermal protection benefits depending on usage type, manufacturer blend, or chosen treatments. Natural fibers, such as linen, cotton, wool, etc., are soft and comfortable options with protective qualities. A natural material provides heightened resistance when constructed with a tight weave or treated for safety purposes. Ergo, these fabrics can display boosted resistivity when exposed to thermal energy.

FR Cotton

Nothing quite beats cotton in terms of natural comfort, breathability, flame resistance, durability, and performance. You’ll find that the properties of cotton-made clothing can resist heat to keep you safe and covered when on the job, such as a shirt, jacket, or hooded sweatshirt.

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