Fire-resistant (FR) clothing isn’t only a requirement for firefighters; it’s a necessity for anyone working in an industry with risks of exposure to flames and hazardous situations daily.

Some features of FR jeans that make them great for working rather than your average pair of blue jeans. Continue reading about the differences between FR jeans and regular jeans to know what you should wear for your job!

Cotton Paired With Synthetic Fibers

Regular denim jeans are made entirely with cotton fibers. Cotton can be a fire-resistant fabric only when integrated with the proper FR fibers and treatments, so regular denim jeans are not safe for industries exposed to flames.

Cotton blended with synthetic fabrics has enhanced durability. Modacrylic is a popular synthetic fabric that, when paired with cotton, creates a stronger pair of FR jeans that protects the wearer.

Wearing Worn-Down Jeans

You might hold onto a single pair of denim jeans until they reach their last legs. Ripped holes and tears are not acceptable for FR jeans.

Stressed or ripped jeans are not safe to wear on the job. Clothing is meant to protect you, and wearing damaged FR garments only increases your risk of injury. If your FR jeans are damaged, it’s time to retire them and find something new. In the case of repairable damages, stop wearing the garment until you’ve mended the issue to prevent any injuries.

Proper Washing Maintenance

Just like any other piece of clothing, clean stains as soon as possible before placing them in the washing machine. The process that follows for washing FR jeans differs from regular denim.

Remember to avoid bleach, detergents that contain bleach or animal fats, and any fabric softeners on FR clothing. While these products are safe to use on regular jeans, they will strip FR jeans of their fire-resistant capabilities over time and make the clothes ineffective.

It’s best to regularly wash work jeans to clean the surfaces of any lingering flammable materials on the fabric. Washing FR jeans in a separate cycle from your other clothing is not required, but it’s an effective way to prevent other clothing from picking up grime.

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Brittany Williams