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B1 12oz Relaxed fit Boot cut jeans


B1 12oz Relaxed fit boot-cut jeans

Fabric Treated to Resist Flame These jeans offer unrivaled safety from fire thanks to their 12oz flame resistant fabric.

Consistent with National Fire Protection Association Standards NFPA2112 and NFPA70E These jeans are NFPA2112 and NFPA70E compliant, so you know they're up to snuff when it comes to safety.

An Atmospheric Transfer Performance Value (ATPV) of 20 cal/cm2 The jeans have a very high ATPV rating of 20 cal/cm2, making them very resistant to heat and flames.

Rank: HRC 2 These denims are rated HRC 2, which means they offer the highest possible safety from electric arc flashes.

certified by Underwriters Laboratories and styled for a casual, comfortable fit Because of their UL listing and loose cut, these jeans are suitable for all-day wear.

In accordance with UL Standards, the B1 12oz CAT2 NFPA2112 NFPA70E ATPV 20 cal/cm2 HRC 2 

These jeans meet all relevant safety standards and are constructed from flame-resistant material to keep you safe from fires and high temperatures. These jeans offer protection from both electric arc flashes (ATPV 20 cal/cm2) and heat (HRC 2) thanks to their construction. The UL Listing and looser construction make these gloves suitable for all-day use.